Automatic assessment of computing exercises

using LTI standard

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The objective of this project is to create the tool JuezLTI to allow the automatic assessment of computing studies exercises, namely, markup languages as well as programming and databases exercises.

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Expected results

A tool to support computer science teaching, JuezLTI, which will allow the automatic assessment of programming exercises, databases and markup languages, in addition to providing a pool of problems with

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Project information

In the context produced by the COVID19 crisis, for which many learnings have been forced to make a prompt transformation to e-learning or blended learning, it is especially important to provide teachers with resources easy to use and implement, and that allow the students to go forward autonomously in their learning, minimizing the use of streaming lectures in favor of the use of specific educational materials for e-learning. It is particularly important for computer science education, since, according to studies by CEDEFOP, INE (Spanish Institute of Statistics) and SEPE (Spanish Employment Service), software development is the second most demanded profession in Europe, being the first in Spain and Portugal, and has an unemployment rate well below of the average and a much higher rate of permanent contracts.

Project Reference2020-1-ES01-KA226-VET-096004
Realization periodFrom 01/05/2021 to 30/04/2023
EU Grant187.334 EUR
Key ActionCooperation for innovation and the exchange of good practices
Action TypeKA226 – Partnerships for Digital Education Readiness
Project Info

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JuezLTI Learning Activity

The initial learning sessions held at the CIFP Carlos III ended yesterday, in which each institution transferred to the rest of the partners the knowledge of its domain necessary for the development of the project. The participants in the activity have been the members of the institutions of the consortium that are part of the JuezLTI technical development team. … Continue readingJuezLTI Learning Activity