Bursa Transnational Meeting

The fourth transnational meeting of the project took place in Bursa. After the stable version of JuezLTI was released, it was time to start with the MOOC and the Pilot Test.

Bursa Il Milli Egitim Mudurlugu invited some teachers to attend the meeting to learn about using JuezLTI, according to the following agenda:

WelcomeSibel Mete /BossBursa IL MEM
PrePilot testAlberto SierraC.I.F.P. CARLOS III
From beta to stableFrancisco SaezEdF
Publication plan statusRicardo QueirosINESC TEC
Project dissemination plan statusSibel MeteBursa IL MEM
Status of the JuezLTI MOOCJörg PareigisKarlstad
10.11.2022 – Thursday
MOOC conductingJörg PareigisKarlstad
Pilot Test implementationGökhan AkBursa IL MEM
Incubation JuezLTISalvador PellicerEdF
Extending JuezLTIRicardo QueirósINESC TEC
Financial progress – presentation and discussionJosé Luis CruzC.I.F.P. CARLOS III
Summary of meeting decisionsAlberto SierraC.I.F.P. CARLOS III
ClosingSibel MeterBursa IL MEM
11.11.2022 – Friday

Turkish teachers signed up for the MOOC while Swedish partners will provide them with the Moodle courses they need to test JuezLTI with their students.

At this meeting INESC TEC announced that they want to present a new Erasmus+ project based on JuezLTI for Generation Z and Alpha students, with four main targets: covereness, interoperability, gamification, adaptability.